The cost of ICSI is highly variable around the world. We have selected the highly experienced centers that provide IVF / ICSI for the most cost-effective fees and highest success rates. The advantage of travelling for ICSI is enjoying the highest success rates, the most reasonable cost, as well as tourism. We have arranged for this competitive pricing by gathering ICSI procedures in specific months of the year such that the purchase cost for consumables and medications can be much lower. However, ICSI can be still performed around the year, though at a slightly higher cost. Furthermore, the choice of timing was adapted to match the best climate at the particular destination: Winter in Egypt, Summer in Europe.

ICSI in Africa-Egypt will cost an average of 1500-2500 USD.

Recommended timing : Winter: January / February

Use PayPal to place a down-payment for an ICSI cycle in winter (USD 1500)

ICSI in Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina will cost an average of 3500-4500 USD. 

Recommended timing : Summer:  June/July


Use PayPal to place a down-payment for an ICSI cycle in Summer (USD 3500)

What's included in the cost: Consultations, Treatment for induction of ovulation, ICSI procedure and Embryo Transfer

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    Our team can arrange for ICSI within an unforgettable touristic package, in any of several exotic destinations

    How long will it take?

    The lady needs to be examined before the menstrual cycle. After menses is off, treatment for induction of ovulation starts, over 2-3 weeks, with follow up twice a week. Then the procedure is performed (without surgery), over 5 days. No hospital stay is required. Overall, ICSI requires around 30 days. Our team can arrange accommodation and enjoyable touristic visits throughout. Think of it as a vacation with benefits 🙂

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